Three Reasons to Move to Prosper, TX

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Find Out Why So Many Families Are Flocking to Prosper, TX

The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex continues to be one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the United States. This is because there are plenty of job opportunities in the area thanks to the many national and international corporations who have set up shop in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Also, you get the thrill of living in a thriving, cosmopolitan city with a unique culture and vibe while still enjoying affordability. The cost of living in Dallas and Fort Worth has proven to be lower than the cost of other major cities throughout the United States.

The question becomes where to move to in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex if you decide to make the move. The different areas of the Metroplex have different appeals for everyone. Some might want to be right downtown near all the restaurants, entertainment, and excitement. Others might want a quieter life in a safe, family-friendly community. For those who want to enjoy that quieter suburban life, but still want to be part of a rapidly growing community just a short drive from all there is to see in the downtowns of Dallas and Fort Worth, Prosper, TX has what you’re looking for.

Prosper is a Dallas-Fort Worth suburb that has seen major growth in the last 10 years. As much of the Metroplex has been built up and developed already, Prosper offers you the opportunity to relocate to a town that is still growing with brand-new developments being built. Everything will look and feel new to you in Prosper. But that’s not the only reason why Prosper is a great place to move to in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Here are three reasons why so many families have discovered Prosper, TX as a great suburb to start a new life in just outside of Dallas:

Great Schools 

Whenever you have families looking for great new towns to move to, often the first thing they look for is the quality of the schools. You can be certain that you’ll find schools of the best quality in Prosper, TX. The Texas Education Agency gave the Prosper school district an A grade for accountability and Prosper graded out higher than both the Texas average and national average when it comes to test scores, number of residents with a high school diploma, and number of residents with a Bachelor’s degree. In all, Prosper grades out as one of the top performing school districts in all of Texas.

Proximity to Dallas and Fort Worth

While the residents of Prosper certainly enjoy having their own family-friendly neighborhood community, there certainly is some appeal to being so close to the big city. Dallas is one of the biggest and most unique cities in the U.S. There’s so much to see and do in the Dallas, TX area; there’s never a boring day when you drive into the Metroplex. Those who still want that quiet suburban life can still enjoy coming into Dallas every so often when living in Prosper, a town just 35 miles from the big city. The drive itself should only take you about 40 minutes, perfect for those making the trip to see the city on the weekend. It’s also convenient for those who want to work in the bustling economic center that is Dallas while still living in Prosper. You’re never too far away! You’re also in close proximity to the city of Fort Worth; it’s less than an hour’s drive away. If you wish to live in a quiet suburb close to a couple of major cities, Prosper is perfect for you.

Safety First

While spending time in the cities of Dallas and Fort Worth can be great, there is an element of uncertainty for those who actually live there. Crime is a part of daily life when you live in a city like Dallas. If you’re trying to raise a family, living in a big city may not always be the best idea. Fortunately, a place like Prosper, TX offers the safe, family-friendly community you’re looking for. Prosper has received an A+ ranking from Area Vibes for crime, meaning you’ll almost never find any crime in Prosper. It’s truly a safe, family-friendly community.

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