Hardwood vs Laminate Flooring

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The flooring of your home is one of its defining features. When it comes to flooring, the type you choose would, to a large extent, determine a lot of things about your design. 

Over time, wood flooring has remained a very popular option, considering its naturally inviting look, and the use of timeless and beautiful material for its design. However, the change from older and more traditional homes into more modern home designs have necessitated the need for a switch to the use of laminate. Laminate offers a look that’s pretty similar to wooden floors, but at a lower price.

Often, deciding which to pick between hardwood and laminate flooring can be an overwhelming task, and you’ll need to know more about the pros and cons of each to be able to make a perfect choice. 

Obviously, laminate stands out in the cost-comparison between hardwood and laminate. But there’s the need to also look at features like durability, value, resale, installation, cleaning, and more. 

In this article, we will look closely at how both types of flooring compare to themselves based on these factors.

Laminate vs Hardwood Cost

When it comes to flooring cost, the reality of what you have and what you plan to achieve may often be miles apart. Typically, we ask people to consider the cost of both floor types to determine what’s right for them. Generally, because of the materials that they are made from, hardwood is usually more expensive to buy and install. 

Laminate wood, on the other hand, is designed with composite wood pressed together at high temperatures. Apart from the cheapness of its materials, you’ll also realize that installation costs way less.


Hardwood vs Laminate Durability

Another important aspect of flooring to always look out for is traffic load, as well as wear and tear. 

Usually, a more durable surface would involve easier maintenance and would maintain its good look for years to come. Hardwood is typically susceptible to scratching and would often show wear. It can also be damaged by excessive moisture. It is, however, beautiful and can add considerably to the value of your home. 

On the other hand, laminate is more durable and can resist scratches better. It also has more ability to stand moisture. Let’s, however, point out that despite its durability, laminate is usually less visually appealing, making it a less preferred choice for people that value beauty. 


Laminate Flooring


-  Less expensive 

-  More durable

- Stands the test of time

-  It doesn’t cause worry on issues such as wear and tear.


- More difficult to repair

- Less visually appealing.


Hardwood Flooring


-  Easier to repair

-  More visually appealing

- Fits more into traditional homes  


- Less durable

- More expensive. 


There you have it, a detailed review of the differences that exist between laminate and wooden floors, as well as the pros and cons of each. With the information provided, you are now adequately equipped to make a choice of option that will fit you best.