4 Tips for Declutter Your Home

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There are several signs that indicate the need to declutter a wardrobe. It's either filled with too many clothes that you no longer wear or so jam-packed that you find your clothes always getting crumpled. 

If any of the above describes your current situation, then perhaps, it is time to declutter your wardrobe.

 Here, we've reviewed a few tips that can help you clear the clutters from your closet and make way for the dresses and shoes that you wear daily. 

1.      Ask Yourself the Following Closet Decluttering Questions

This is the first place to start. It is what decides whether you really need to declutter your closet in the first place. 

The question to ask about each item in your closet include:

·         Do I wear it?

·         Do I love it?

·         What image of me does it project?

·         Does it itch me

·         Are the heels making me uncomfortable?

·         Does it fit well?

·         Does it smell or stain? 

The answer to all these would point you to the right decision to make for each cloth. If possible, call a friend to honestly tell you what they think about each dress and shoe. 

You don't want to waste the limited space of your closet on something you don't like. 

2.     Get a Donation Bin For Your Closet Clutters

Clutters are a continuous problem. As the days pass, you'll either grow past some of your dresses or simply advance in taste. 

Having a donation bag, bin, or basket in your closet would help make the process easier. This way, you'll declutter as you go, and not wait till the clutter is overwhelming to remove them from your closet. 

3.     Attempt a Weekly Sweep of Clutters

It's a no-brainer that the more often you declutter, the easier decluttering becomes, and the less time it takes. Committing yourself to clutter sweeping every week means that you'll not spend beyond 15 minutes to do it once in a week. 

The whole process of placing items into your donation bin or arranging stuff that is out of place becomes easier. However, leaving them for long before decluttering would mean so much work to do when you eventually gather the courage and strength to do it. 

4.     Control Hoarding Before It Gets Out of Hand

One of the most significant causes of clothes cluttering is hoarding. Often, we do not know that we are getting into the habit of hoarding until it gets too late. Ask yourself if you really need the cloth you are hoarding. Sometimes, you'll find that it is because of reasons like sentiment or because of how expensive they were when you bought them. 

Irrespective of how understandable these reasons sound, the fact remains that the space in your closet is quite limited. If you find an item to be too special to let go, then you can find a place to store it outside your closet. While it may be difficult, it is often more satisfying to have the clothes in the closet of someone who values and always wears them.

There you have it; these tips would help you through the process of optimizing the space in your closet.